Geoff Davis, Founder

Geoff started the Memphis Rum Club in 2021 as a way to promote the rum category in Memphis and connect with the broader community.

A web developer by day, he enjoys trying new cocktails around town, seeking out interesting or locally-unavailable bottles, trying out new tiki recipes, and engaging with other rum enthusiasts. Outside of rum, Geoff is an avid soccer fan, plays racquetball with his friends, and enjoys travelling.

Cocktail of choice: Tradewinds, with a touch of absinthe

Favorite rum of 2021: Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum

I'm looking forward to: More MRC barrel picks

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Welcome to the Memphis Rum Club

Announcing Barrel Pick #001: Riverset Rum

Review Ratings Explained

Memphis Rum Club to Join the Rum Round Table

Reviews by Geoff

Review #001: Privateer Letter of Marque - "For Our Friends"

Review #002: Holmes Cay South Africa Mhoba 2017

Review #003: Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 3 Pot Still Rum

Review #004: Foursquare 2009

Review #006: Foursquare Indelible

Review #007: Habitation Velier Privateer 2017

Review #008: Black Tot 50th Anniversary Edition

Review #009: Appleton Estate 15 year

Review #010: Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum - Barrel No. 20

Review #011: Holmes Cay Guyana Uitvlugt 2003

Review #012: Grander Speyside Single Barrel

Review #013: Worthy Park 13yr Florida Rum Society "Gemini Barrel"

Review #014: Worthy Park 14yr K&L Wines x Smuggler's Cove "Worthy Then"

Review #015: Holmes Cay Trinidad Ten Cane 2012

Review #016: Cruzan Single Barrel

Review #017: Blackadder Raw Cask Barbados Foursquare Rum 10 year

Review #018: Privateer Distiller's Drawer - "Respite"

Review #019: Hamilton 86

Review #020: Hampden 8 year

Review #021: Avuá Jequitiba Rosa

Review #022: Real McCoy 12 year - Lincoln Road Custom Batch

Review #023: Bapt & Clem's Savanna 12 year

Review #024: Doctor Bird