Hot on the heels of Hampden Estate releasing their 8 Marks Collection in December, comes our latest themed Hampden 8 Marks Month. We're going to spend the next month working through the set that my wonderful girlfriend gifted me for Christmas, digging into the details and data presented on the info sheet, and of course, sipping through each rum.

For those who may not follow rum super closely, the Hampden Estate 8 Marks Collection features eight 200ml bottles of unaged, 60% ABV rum; each bottle is a distinct mark*, which can be briefly defined as an identifier referencing a certain recipe used to distill a rum. This includes fermentation time, what is added at what time and in what quantity, what chemical compounds are present, and what still(s) is employed in production.

We'll get into all these fun details and more as we continue throughout the month. Below is the order in which we'll be reviewing the marques:

  1. OWH (2/1)
  2. LFCH (2/5)
  3. LROK (2/9)
  4. HLCF (2/13)
  5. <>H (2/17)
  6. HGML (2/21)
  7. C<>H (2/25)
  8. DOK (2/29)

As the month progresses, this list will be updated with a link to the respective review. If you would like to join in the fun, share a post to Instagram, tag us at, and use the hashtag #MRC8MarksMonth; we'll re-share posts as they come in!

*"Mark" is mostly referred to as "marque" on our reviews. Both versions are used to describe the same thing, but I find "marque" to be easier to parse when writing/reading, so I will use that to refer to the concept going forward