Brand: Hampden Estate, 8 Marks series

Origin: Hampden Estate, Wakefield, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Still: Pot

Age: Unaged

Finish: n/a

ABV: 60%

C<>H is what I consider the last trail camp before reaching the summit of the Hampden 8 Marks Collection. The marque is pronounced "C–diamond–H", and may be alternatively written as "C◆H" or "C💎H"; I'm interested what the relationship is between this and the <>H marque, given how similar their names are.

For raw materials, C<>H contains high levels of cane juice vinegar, dunder, and muck, and medium amounts of water and molasses. It has a 10 day alcoholic fermentation period, and sits in a dead wash for another 10 days, totally 20 days of fermentation and yielding 2-4% ABV wash. During distillation, it is sent through a double retort pot still that produces a rum ranging from 85.5-86.5% ABV.

As of posting, it appears there are no Hampden Estate releases that contain the C<>H marque. The infosheet itself mentions how this is a "rare" marque given its intensity; aside from independent bottlings, it may be used in bulk blends as a component.


Clear, medium viscosity


Blueberries, pre-ripened strawberries, fresh pineapple, banana peel, starfruit, varnish, dill, butterscotch, model glue


Banana bread, fresh pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, starfruit, mango, sour green grapes, plantain chips, raspberries, butterscotch


Long, fruity, hot; banana peel, sweet cream, pineapple, green apple skin, raspberries, clementine

Rating: 9/10


C<>H really packs a punch, as can be expected with an ester count this high. While it's delicious, I definitely see how the marque is solidly in the range of "flavoring component", with its innumeral quantity of notes on the bouquet and palate.

Blueberries, pre-ripened strawberries, and a varnish/glue note hits hard when giving this a sniff, with successive trips returning with other fruits, and hints of dill and butterscotch. The palate yields plenty of fruits itself, but starts off with a sweet-and-savory banana bread note at the front. Savory plantain chips come through near the rear, and the butterscotch note many find in this marque is present, which leads to a long, hot, and fruity finish.

I've got a few samples of aged C<>H rums to get to, so I'm glad I got a chance to give this a go as an unaged review first. This is definitely up there as far as one of my favorites.

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