Brand: Worthy Park

Origin: Worthy Park, Lluidas Vale, Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica

Still: Pot

Age: NAS

Finish: ex-Bourbon

ABV: 54.5%

Completely unplanned, we're following up the previous review with another perhaps unnaturally "dark" rum, this time from a well-known producer in Jamaica.

Worthy Park 109 is a blend of pot still rums, some unaged and others aged up to 3 years in ex-Bourbon casks. The name is derived from the proof of the rum, which equates to 54.5% ABV.

This expression utilizes spirits caramel for coloring the rum, making it appear much darker than it otherwise would be. This practice is not uncommon in bartender-oriented releases of dark or "black" Jamaican rum.


Dark scarlet-brown, low viscosity


Molasses, brown sugar, vanilla, rotting banana peel, window cleaner


Molasses, prunes, brown sugar, banana peel, vanilla, black cherry pit


Medium length, warm, slightly bitter; brown sugar, prunes, black cherry pits, sour red grapes

Rating: 6/10


Worthy Park 109 is a tasty, cocktail-ready entry into the eponymous distillery's lineup, but leaves a little to be desired when sipping neat.

Molasses, brown sugar, and vanilla appear throughout the nosing/sipping, to the extent that one could be forgiven thinking that this is a Demerara rum if tasted blind. Not that this is a bad thing, but the Jamaican funk is initially subdued, and eventually pops up in the form of banana peel and red fruits like black cherry, prunes, and grapes. The finish is a little hot and harsh, but I know from experience this is tempered when used in a cocktail.

While I love Worthy Park, I much prefer their other offerings if I'm going for a neat pour. That said, this is my first choice if there's a "Jamaican black" rum called for in a recipe, or if I want a little tropical fruit added to an otherwise molasses-forward rum blend.

Recommended Cocktails

  • Mai Tai (Vic "Trader Vic" Bergeron, 1944)

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