Brand: Grander

Origin: Las Cabras, Herrera, Panama (picked by Lincoln Road Package Store)

Still: Column

Age: NAS

Finish: ex-Bourbon & Toasted American Oak

ABV: 64.7%

After over 100 reviews since our last Grander review, we return to my favorite Panama rum brand. Grander's Barrel Series offers a chance to experience their signature rum, treated by finishsing in a variety of cask types.

The Toasted Oak expression features column still Panamanian rum that is aged in ex-Bourbon casks, and finished for 6+ months in first-fill ex-Kentucky Bourbon casks that have a variety of char levels. The bottle I have in front of me is a single barrel selection made by Lincoln Road in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and sits at a soaring 64.7% ABV.


Dark auburn, medium viscosity


Vanilla, burnt graham cracker, ethanol


Vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, graham cracker, nutmeg


Long, hot, tannic; oak, ethanol, vanilla, nutmeg, hint of cashew

Rating: 6/10


This Grander single barrel is a decent pour if you really want a high-octane rum. There isn't much more to it, other than it drinks slightly under its proof, and is just a solid Panamanian rum.

Vanilla, burnt graham cracker, brown sugar, and caramel notes are the dominating notes throughout, joined by nutmeg and a nutty cashew note in smaller amounts. The finish is hot and tannic, but does manage to be enjoyable and not as astringent as one may think.

I found most of my bandwidth is spent moving past the heat; I'll say I think I prefer this style at a lower ABV for this reason, perhaps around the low-to-mid 50% range. This is still enjoyable, just a bit of a brute that gets in its own way.

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