Like many rum collectors and enjoyers, I have made many friends along my journey experiencing and learning about rum. Some of these friends have been so kind enough as to exchange samples with me, allowing me to peer into the essence of some bottles that I may not be able to purchase myself, for a variety of reasons.

Throughout the month of September, I will be pausing the traversal of my own rum collection, and instead will choose a sample bottle for each review. I thought this would be a fun idea, instead of hoarding these precious vials of rum in the hopes that they would be usable as post-apocalyptic currency.

I want to give a preemptive "thank you" to those that have provided samples to me: Andrew Hinton and Mike Hooker, some key players in the rum scenes of Nashville, TN (with Friends of Rum Tennessee), and Austin, TX (with Austin Rum Society), respectively.

Below is the list of rum samples that I will be reviewing throughout Sample September:

  1. Foursquare Plenipotenziario (9/3)
  2. Appleton Estate Hearts 1994 (9/8)
  3. Appleton Estate Hearts 1995 (9/11)
  4. Appleton Estate Hearts 1999 (9/14)
  5. Bira! South Africa 4 year - Bourbon Finish (9/18)
  6. Habitation Velier Savanna HERR 2019 (9/21)
  7. Hampden DOK 2019 Aficionados x Fine Drams (9/24)
  8. Golden Devil 1998 Caroni 23 year (9/29)

As the month progresses, this list will be updated with each new sample name and a link to the review. If you would like to join in the fun, post a rum sample review to Instagram, tag us at, and use the hashtag #rumsampleseptember; we'll re-share reviews as they come in!

We hope you enjoy this month full of interesting rum samples. Cheers!