G'day, mates! (I'm so sorry, I had to do it) Today, we're excited to kick off Australia Week!

It will work the same way as our previous themed review lists: the first post will be announced, and the following reviews will be revealed as they are posted. We'll be looking at different releases from perhaps the most well-known Aussie distillery– Beenleigh Artisan Distillers. While there are a number of rum distillers in the country, for American consumers, Beenleigh is by far the most available producer from Australia, and almost exclusively via independent bottlers.

While the initial producer is the same, each of these rums will showcase the breadth and depth of distillate from Beenleigh, and highlight the respective bottler's decisions as far as types of casks used for maturation, proofing, and length of aging.

Below is the list of bottles that I will be reviewing throughout Australia Week:

  1. Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2013 (5/8)
  2. Bapt & Clem's Beenleigh 6 year (5/9) (5/9)
  3. Cane Island Single Estate Australia 4 year (5/10)
  4. Raising Glasses Australia Sample (5/11)
  5. Holmes Cay Australia 2012 (5/12)
  6. Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2014 (5/13)

As the week progresses, this list will be updated with each new rum name and a link to the review. If you would like to join in the fun, share an Australian rum post to Instagram, tag us at @memphis.rum.club, and use the hashtag #MRCAustraliaWeek; we'll re-share posts as they come in!