Brand: Foursquare, Exceptional Cask Selection series

Origin: Foursquare, St. Philip, Barbados

Still: Pot & Column Blend

Age: 14 years

Finish: ex-Bourbon

ABV: 62%

Richard Seale must have really loved the results of his distillations during the 2005 season. This vintage has been a part of a number of Exceptional Cask Selection editions, including Port Cask Finish, 2005, Redoubtable, Shibboleth, Isonomy, and Covenant. Foursquare Nobiliary joins this impressive (and seemingly never-ending) list of truly exceptional rums.

Nobiliary (defined as "Of noble character") is a 14 year blend of Foursquare's pot & column still distillates, produced in 2005 and spending the entirety of their aging in first, second, and third-fill ex-Bourbon barrels. The rum was released in 2020 at a strength of 62% ABV.


Burnt umber, medium-low viscosity


Salted caramel, raisins, black cherries, dark chocolate, pastry dough, pecans, raspberry jam


Black cherries, dark chocolate, vanilla, pecans, orange peel, cinnamon


Medium-long, warm, bitter; vanilla, oak, cranberry jam, pecans

Rating: 6/10


Nobiliary is a beast of a rum, and does not shy away from its proof. While it leans on the hotter side, the notes of salted caramel, dark chocolate, cherries, and jam are easily enjoyed, even if one must pace themselves while doing the enjoying.

The nose is by far the most expressive element of the rum, with a big chunk of salted caramel hitting at first, followed by dark and fruity whiffs of raisins and black cherries. A nutty pecan note is paired with pastry dough, and finishes with a tart raspberry jam. Nobiliary's palate continues the cherries, chocolate, while adding spices like vanilla and cinnamon, and trailing off with pecans and orange peel. The finish is a bit hot, with the oak and pecan really coming through, and the jam turning from tart raspberry to a bitter cranberry variety.

While the strength gives Nobiliary a bit of wildness, I think it's still enjoyable. However, the heat prevents this from being more enjoyable than it is, and makes me feel like the strictly ex-Bourbon cask expressions are best experienced at 60% ABV and under.

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