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I am incredibly excited to announce the inaugural Memphis Rum Club barrel pick: Riverset Rum!

It is always exciting when a creation you've worked hard on gets released to the wild for others' enjoyment. Although not distilling and bottling this fine rum ourselves, we are thrilled to have been a part of the process and to learn what goes into the conception of our favorite spirit.

This 2 year old Venezuelan rum was finished in "wet" Riverset Rye casks for 6 months before being bottled in Memphis, TN, without any additives, at a whopping 66.2% ABV! B.R. Distilling, which owns the Riverset brands, oversaw the aging and bottling at their Memphis warehouse, where the barrel selection was made on October 31, 2021.

Rum sample bottles sitting on a bar counter behind tasting glasses
The setting at B.R. Distilling for our tasting session.
Rum sample bottles sitting on a bar counter behind tasting glasses
The winning barrel sample!

The selection group consisted of Geoff Davis and Helen Fentress of the Memphis Rum Club, and Meagan Chambers-Lewis, Richie Lewis, and Sisco Larson of Joe's Wines & Liquors. B.R. Distilling President and CEO McCauley Williams led the group through a tasting of 4 different barrel samples, which was eventually narrowed down to 2; a vote was held to determine the selection, and barrel #11 ended up being the narrow winner!

The entire process was relaxing, enjoyable, and informative. McCauley was incredibly hospitable, detailed the backstory of this rum release, and even gave us a tour of the warehouse. I personally could not have asked for a better environment or group with its inagural barrel pick.

Where to Buy

This release is available exclusively at Joe's Wines & Liquor (website, Instagram) in Memphis, TN.

Riverset Rum being held by the bottom of the bottle
Riverset Rum barrel #11 at Joe's

About the Rum


Light bronze, medium clarity, light viscosity


Light roast coffee, heavy caramel, an old book, rye spice, savory vegetables, chalk candies


Brown sugar, banana, pineapple rind, mango, vanilla, rye whiskey, beef aus jus


Medium-long length, low alcohol burn; savory, caramelized sugar


I want to thank the entire selection crew (Helen, Meagan, Richie, and Sisco), McCauley and the crew at B.R. Distilling, Joe's Wines & Liquor, and everyone who made connections or helped me learn along the way, for assisting the Memphis Rum Club in landing on the map with its first ever private barrel pick.

Here's to the first and many more, cheers!

Geoff holding 2 Riverset Rum bottles in front of him
Cheers, from the Memphis Rum Club!