Brand: Clairin - The Spirit of Haïti

Origin: Distillerie Bethel Romelus, Pignon, Haiti

Still: Pot

Age: Unaged

Finish: n/a

ABV: 49.8%

We're back looking at a clairin today, the sugarcane juice/syrup-based spirit of Haiti. Clairin Le Rocher comes from Distillerie Bethel Romelus in Pignon, Haiti, and was among the original clairin expressions that came to the US by way of Velier.

Le Rocher's base raw material is sugarcane syrup– which is juice that has been boiled before use. During fermentation, the syrup is amplified by the addition of dunder, a unique process in clairin and more typically seen in Jamaican or Réunion's Grande Arôme rums. This wash is then distilled using a pot still, and eventually bottled unaged at a strength of 49.8% ABV.

This sample was provided to me by /u/LIFOanAccountant, fellow rum reviewer active on the /r/rum subreddit.


Very pale straw, low viscosity


Pre-ripened pineapple, aloe vera leaves, dish soap, green bell pepper, vanilla


Agave, green bell pepper, sugarcane, chili flakes


Medium-long, vegetal; agave, sugarcane, serrano pepper

Rating: 6/10


Clairins are fun, because even if you've tried 99 others, that 100th is going to be a unique experience, like the rest. Le Rocher continues down this path, offering a contrast to other expressions I've tried, like Sajous and Sonson.

Le Rocher's nose starts with some pre-ripe pineapples and swiftly moves to vegetal aloe vera, slightly chemical dish soap, and finishes with a heap of fresh-cut green bell pepper that trails into a faint vanilla.

Oddly enough, I get notes that really remind me of agave on the opening of the palate, followed by green bell pepper, sugarcane, and a spicy chili flake flavor. More agave, sugarcane, and pepper on the finish.

This is a good clairin with a unique profile; I'm not sure I really feel compelled to grab a bottle for my bar, but I'm happy I got to try this.

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