Brand: Privateer, Distiller's Drawer series

Origin: Privateer Distilling, Ipswich, MA, USA

Still: Pot

Age: 4 years, 6 months

Finish: New American Oak

ABV: 50%

Fathom is #123 of the Privateer Distiller's Drawer series of single cask releases, in particular the 2021 release. Although Privateer distills their rums primarily through the column and pot mechanisms of their hybrid still, Fathom was produced using a double distillation through the pot still.

Here's how the Privateer team describes Fathom on its product page:

Refined rusticity is how we described this one. A long, slow distillation was employed, allowing for more deliberate cuts. Extended barrel aging of our pot stilled expressions is something the production team has been particularly fond of recently, and the additional time in cask helped soften the rich, raw spirit.

After the double pot still distillation, the rum was casked in a new American oak barrel, and racked in Privateer's barrel room for 4 years and 6 months, before bottling at 50% ABV.


Orange-brown, medium clarity, low viscosity


Maple syrup, vanilla, roasted almonds, oak, star anise, orange zest, ethanol


Vanilla, maple syrup, star anise, citrus zest, caramel, dark chocolate, menthol


Long, warming, tangy; vanilla, browned butter, wood shavings, menthol, orange zest

Rating: 7/10


Fathom is a great rum that evokes the Privateer style while providing some uniqueness in its production details. The flavors coming from this reflect the double pot distillation, with a heavier, silky body, and a rich flavor profile.

Fathom is orange-brown, with medium clarity and low viscosity.

The nose carries notes of maple syrup, vanilla, oak, and roasted almonds up front. Bitter, herbal star anise comes next, followed by orange zest. Stinging ethanol comes in at the end of the bouquet. This is a nice nose, because although it's not incredibly complex, you are able to connect with each note without searching too hard.

Fathom's palate leads with plenty of vanilla, maple syrup, and star anise; the sweet and herbal notes jump out right away. Next comes citrus zest, which provides some bright color. Caramel is followed by slightly bitter but creamy dark chocolate, and this malty palate wraps up with menthol.

A long, warming, and tangy finish is filled with vanilla, browned butter, wood shavings, menthol, and orange zest.

This is a nice rum that honestly reminds me a bit of scotch whisky with the amount of vanilla and oak present, along with the slightly malty funk. The double pot distillation definitely provides a unique experience relative to the rest of the Privateer lineup, and is a tactic I hope the distillation team employs for future releases.

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