Brand: Beenleigh

Origin: Beenleigh Rum Distillery, Eagleby, Queensland, Australia

Still: Column & Pot

Age: 10 years

Finish: ex-Bourbon

ABV: 59%

La Maison & Velier simply cannot stop releasing fun, interesting, and unique rums– I wouldn't want them to stop, either. Released in 2023, this expression of Beenleigh Fine Australian Rum is a direct release between the multi-national importer/distributor, and Beenleigh themselves.

Beenleigh 2013 10 Year started out with a molasses base, which was fermented and initially distiled in a single column still in August 2013; the next month, it was re-distilled in a pot still. The rum was casked in ex-bourbon barrels and left to rest for 10 years at origin, causing an angel's share of over 25%. This expression comes at a strength of 59% ABV.


Orange, medium viscosity


Orange marmalade, honeysuckle, sunflower oil, vanilla, cinnamon sticks


Floral honey, vanilla, orange rind, cinnamon, hint of banana peel


Long, warm, floral; honeysuckle, oak, cinnamon, vanilla, flamed orange peel, molasses

Rating: 7/10


As far as Beenleigh rums go, this is as floral as any others, but there is a marked difference in this column & pot still configuration, versus other pure pot still expressions.

Orange marmalade and honeysuckle appear throughout, as does sunflower oil, vanilla, and some spicy and drying cinnamon sticks. The nose is well-rounded but pulls its punches, compared to, for example, Holmes Cay Australia or Raising Glasses Yowie. The palate is likewise a little thinner, with a distinct but straightforward set of notes.

Overall, this is a good rum, and another great release from La Maison & Velier and Beenleigh. While the profile is a little different from other Aussie rums I've had, it's a welcome difference that highlights some of variety that this producer can offer.

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