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Announcing the Rum Consumers Alliance

Please read this special announcement detailing the launch of a rum advocacy group

Review #027: Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica HD 2012 Single Barrel

A reputable independent bottler's bottling of a Jamaican rum, picked by FORT

Review #026: Foursquare Sovereignty

A celebration of rum and Barbados becoming a republic

Review #025: Maggie's Farm 50/50 Dark Rum

A blend of American and Trinidadian rums

Review #024: Doctor Bird

A potentially divisive, Jamaican-sourced rum from Two James Spirits

Review #023: Bapt & Clem's Savanna 12 year

An independent release of the elusive Savanna distillery

Review #022: Real McCoy 12 year - Lincoln Road Custom Batch

This is the real deal: a custom batch of 12 year old rum selected by Lincoln Road

Review #021: Avuá Jequitiba Rosa

The first non-rum sugarcane spirit to be reviewed, with a unique finish

Review #020: Hampden 8 year

Our first review of this Jamaican distillery's self-released lineup

Review #019: Hamilton 86

A budget-friendly staple of home and professional bars alike