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Announcing the Rum Consumers Alliance

Please read this special announcement detailing the launch of a rum advocacy group

Review #018: Privateer Distiller's Drawer - "Respite"

Another special release from an American distillery

Review #017: Blackadder Raw Cask Barbados Foursquare Rum 10 year

An independently-bottled Foursquare rum that offers a unique experience

Review #016: Cruzan Single Barrel

We visit the island of St. Croix to taste a premium offering from a well-known brand

Review #015: Holmes Cay Trinidad Ten Cane 2012

Our first review of a Trinidad rum, from a unique (and defunct) distillery

Review #014: Worthy Park 14yr K&L Wines x Smuggler's Cove "Worthy Then"

A special collaboration yields another release of the WPM marque

Review #013: Worthy Park 13yr Florida Rum Society "Gemini Barrel"

A very special standalone release of the elusive WPM marque

Review #012: Grander Speyside Single Barrel

Our first look at a release from Grander

Review #011: Holmes Cay Guyana Uitvlugt 2003

An independent bottling of a Demerara rum bearing the name of a defunct distillery

Review #010: Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum - Barrel No. 20

A private bottling of Texas-based whiskey distillery's rum

Memphis Rum Club to Join the Rum Round Table

An exciting opportunity is coming for the MRC to collaborate with other American rum groups