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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

Review #138: The Exclusive Rums Caroni 1997

The HTR marque this rum bears is known to provide tire fire and rubber notes

Review #137: Mhoba Peated

This South African rum was aged in casks formerly containing peated whisky

Review #136: Chairman's Reserve Master's Selection 11 year - Lincoln Road Single Barrel

A pure column still, cask strength rum from Saint Lucia Distiller's flagship brand

Review #135: Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum - Barrel No. 344

One of the Texas-based distillery's dwindling supply of rum barrels

Review #134: Barrell Tale of Two Islands

Funky Jamaican rum meets an Islay scotch cask in this critically-acclaimed release

Review #133: Hamilton West Indies 1670 Blend

Ed Hamilton used rums from two well-known distilleries to produce this blend

Review #132: Foursquare Covenant

At 18 years, this edges out Isonomy as the oldest ECS bottling to date

Review #131: Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve

Molasses processed in the estate's sugar factory was used for this release

Review #130: Privateer Distiller's Drawer - "Nexus"

New American Oak and Rye casks helped shape the profile of this cask strength rum

Review #129: Flag Series Trinidad 2002 20 year

The next long-aged entry into the project from La Maison & Velier