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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

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Barrel Pick #003: Holmes Cay Barbados 2011 11 year

On 901 Day, we announce our latest single barrel collaboration with 901 Wine & Spirits

Review #094: Ten to One Caribbean White Rum

Jamaican and Dominican rum are combined to achieve an ideal blend

Review #093: Doorly's 8 year

Another mixable rum from Foursquare gets evaluated

Review #092: Riverset Rum - 901 Wine & Spirits Single Barrel

This rye-finished Venezuelan rum was bottled here in Memphis

Review #091: Denizen Merchant's Reserve

A combination of two different islands' rums constitutes this blend

Review #090: Privateer Distiller's Drawer - "Fathom"

This release employs double pot still distillation

Review #089: Hampden Estate LROK The Younger

This 5 year old is the second single-marque release from Hampden

Review #088: Hampden Estate 2010 LROK

This rum contains some of the oldest stock from the notable Jamaican distillery

Announcing Barrel Pick #002: Grander The Oaks 10 year

Our next single barrel selection is a collaboration with Yorkshire Liquors

2023 Q1 Memphis Quarterly Market Report

What's new in Memphis for Q1 of 2023

Review #087: Blackadder Raw Cask Guyana Diamond 10 year

An iconic still was used to produce this Demerara rum