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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

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Barrel Pick #003: Holmes Cay Barbados 2011 11 year

On 901 Day, we announce our latest single barrel collaboration with 901 Wine & Spirits

Review #113: J. Wray Gold

This brand bears the name of an important figure in Jamaican rum

Review #112: Raising Glasses Guardians Trinidad 8 year

This column still rum packs a punch

Review #111: Raising Glasses Venezuela Sample

This cask-strength South American rum was aged for 14 years

Review #110: Raising Glasses Moongazer Guyana 9 year

Is this rum as giant as the legendary monster it's named after?

Review #109: Raising Glasses Thailand Sample

Our first look at an Asian rum comes in the form of a pre-release sample

Review #108: Raising Glasses "Burning Cane" Barbados 15 year

One of the first releases from the Boston-based independent bottler

Review #107: Barbosa Amado & Vicente Grogue

The Cape Verdean sugarcane spirit gets the Velier bump in this release

Review #106: Habitation Velier Worthy Park WPL 2007

Some of the first contemporarily aged rum from Worthy Park was sourced for this release

Review #105: Down Island Spirits Brazil 2011

Pre-cask blending of cane juice and molasses distillates create this unique rum