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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

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Announcing Barrel Pick #002: Grander The Oaks 10 year

Our next single barrel selection is a collaboration with Yorkshire Liquors

Review #089: Hampden Estate LROK The Younger

This 5 year old is the second single-marque release from Hampden

Review #088: Hampden Estate 2010 LROK

This rum contains some of the oldest stock from the notable Jamaican distillery

2023 Q1 Memphis Quarterly Market Report

What's new in Memphis for Q1 of 2023

Review #087: Blackadder Raw Cask Guyana Diamond 10 year

An iconic still was used to produce this Demerara rum

Review #086: Doorly's XO

This pot and column blend partially aged in sherry casks

Review #085: Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2014

The latest Aussie expression from the seafaring independent bottler

Review #084: Holmes Cay Australia 2012

A high-octane bottling of Beenleigh distillate by Eric Kaye

Review #083: Raising Glasses Australia Sample

The up-and-coming Boston-based independent bottler provided this rum sample

Review #082: Cane Island Single Estate Australia 4 year

A new private label brand's Australian expression gets reviewed