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Announcing the Rum Consumers Alliance

Please read this special announcement detailing the launch of a rum advocacy group

Review #036: Hampden DOK 2019 Aficionados x Fine Drams

Another monster of funk and esters from a well-known Jamaican distillery

Review #034: Habitation Velier Savanna HERR 2019

Habitation Velier returns with a fruity and funky Réunion rum

Review #034: Bira! South Africa 4 year - Bourbon Finish

A new independent bottler releases a Mhoba rum

Review #033: Appleton Estate Hearts Collection 1999

A familiar age statement from Appleton, but offered at a higher proof

Review #032: Appleton Estate Hearts Collection 1995

The next 2020 Hearts Collection bottling gets sampled

Review #031: Appleton Estate Hearts Collection 1994

Velier collaborates with Joy Spence for this exquisite collection

Review #030: Foursquare Plenipotenziario

A European-only release of highly favored Foursquare rum

Sample September Kicks Off!

Marking the first themed month of rum reviews

Review #029: Grander Single Barrel P2203 - Madeira Finish

A slight accident leads to a wonderful single barrel selection by Yorkshire Liquors

Review #028: Trois Rivières 2005 Single Cask 14 year

Our first rhum agricole is an aged single cask expression