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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

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Barrel Pick #003: Holmes Cay Barbados 2011 11 year

On 901 Day, we announce our latest single barrel collaboration with 901 Wine & Spirits

Review #077: Hampden Estate Overproof

This hefty expression from the famous Jamaican distiller recently had its blend updated

Review #076: Foursquare Touchstone

Cognac maturation returns in the latest ECS release

Review #075: Berrys' Finest St Lucia Rum 11 year

A prominent English merchant bottled this rare rum

Review #074: Clairin Sajous

An introduction to Haiti's terroir-driven sugarcane spirit

Review #073: Rhumb Runner Fernandes 18 year

This rum was sourced decades after the brand was purchased by another Trinidadian company

Review #072: Barrel House Oak Rum

A chance encounter lead to discovering this impressive American rum

Review #071: English Harbour 5 year

Our first Antiguan rum gets reviewed

Review #070: Mhoba Bushfire

This aptly-named South African rum uses a unique wood for aging

Review #069: Brugal 1888

Bourbon and Sherry casks lend their influences to this dual-matured rum

Review #068: Providence Haitian Rum Blanc - "Dunder & Syrup"

An unaged rum from a startup Haitian distillery