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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

Review #119: Foursquare 2008

Another critically-acclaimed vintage release from the Bajan distiller

Review #118: National Rums of Jamaica Cambridge STC<3E 2005

We take a look at this iconic bottling of a high ester Jamaican rum marque

Review #117: Bapt & Clem's Angostura 4 year

Multiple types of wine casks were used to age this Trinidadian rum

Review #116: Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica WP 2013

Worthy Park distilled this medium-aged pot still rum

Review #115: Rolling Fork Single Cask Dominican Republic 7 year

Additive-free Dominican rum was selected for this release

Review #114: Cheramie Blanc

Sugarcane juice is the base for this rum from the Gulf Coast

Review #113: J. Wray Gold

This brand bears the name of an important figure in Jamaican rum

Review #112: Raising Glasses Guardians Trinidad 8 year

This column still rum packs a punch

Review #111: Raising Glasses Venezuela Sample

This cask-strength South American rum was aged for 14 years

Review #110: Raising Glasses Moongazer Guyana 9 year

Is this rum as giant as the legendary monster it's named after?