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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

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Barrel Pick #003: Holmes Cay Barbados 2011 11 year

On 901 Day, we announce our latest single barrel collaboration with 901 Wine & Spirits

Review #086: Doorly's XO

This pot and column blend partially aged in sherry casks

Review #085: Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2014

The latest Aussie expression from the seafaring independent bottler

Review #084: Holmes Cay Australia 2012

A high-octane bottling of Beenleigh distillate by Eric Kaye

Review #083: Raising Glasses Australia Sample

The up-and-coming Boston-based independent bottler provided this rum sample

Review #082: Cane Island Single Estate Australia 4 year

A new private label brand's Australian expression gets reviewed

Review #081: Bapt & Clem's Beenleigh 6 year

Jurançon wine casks played a role in maturing this rum

Review #080: Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2013

This 6 year old rum spent time aging in Australia and France

Australia Week Starts Today!

Each day we'll explore a different Australian rum

Review #079: Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Blonde

This Jamaican rum spent time in rum casks from a different Caribbean island

Review #078: Paranubes

A look at the (in)famous unaged Mexican rum