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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

Review #008: Black Tot 50th Anniversary Edition

This navy rum combines some of the finest rums in the world to commemorate 50 years without the Royal Navy's "daily tot"

Review #007: Habitation Velier Privateer 2017

The first American rum to be released under the Habitation Velier label

Review #006: Foursquare Indelible

Six years after the beloved Zinfandel Cask Blend, Foursquare revisits a blend aged in casks formerly containing this red wine varietal

Review #005: Holmes Cay Mauritius 2007

Another Holmes Cay bottling of an African (island)-based distillery's cane juice-based rum

Review #004: Foursquare 2009

We couldn't review anything else for review number four(square)

Review Ratings Explained

This post explains the rating scale used in reviews

Review #003: Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 3 Pot Still Rum

We take a look at an interesting project from a prolific Venezuelan rum distillery

Announcing Barrel Pick #001: Riverset Rum

The Memphis Rum Club's first selection of Riverset Rum is a collaboration with Joe's Wines & Liquor

Review #002: Holmes Cay South Africa Mhoba 2017

Holmes Cay's bottling of the first Mhoba release for the US market gets evaluated

Review #001: Privateer Letter of Marque - "For Our Friends"

For our first review, we look at Friends of Rum Tennessee's barrel pick of Privateer