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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

Review #044: Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 15

A Domincan rum made in the Cuban tradition

Review #043: Papalin Jamaica 7 year

A unique multi-distillery blend of Jamaican rums

Review #042: Privateer Navy Yard P616

A seaworthy, cask-strength American rum

Review #041: Bira! South Africa 4 year - South African Whisky Finish

Another independently-bottled Mhoba rum is sampled

Review #040: Doorly's 14 year

A long aged Bajan rum, with a bit of a fruity twist

Review #039: Holmes Cay Jamaica ITP 2007

The elusive Long Pond distillery gets a review

Review #038: Foursquare Isonomy

The oldest distillery release yet from the signature Bajan distillery

2022 Q3 Memphis Quarterly Market Report

What's new in Memphis for Q3 of 2022

Review #037: Golden Devil 1998 Caroni 23 year

An independent bottling of a holy grail rum

Review #036: Hampden DOK 2019 Aficionados x Fine Drams

Another monster of funk and esters from a well-known Jamaican distillery