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The latest posts, reviews, and news from the Memphis Rum Club.

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2024 Q1 Memphis Quarterly Market Report

What's new in Memphis for Q1 of 2024

2022 Year in Review

Let's reflect on the previous year's activities

Review #059: Plantation Jamaica 2005

Long Pond and Clarendon rums combine in this single vintage blend

2022 Q4 Memphis Quarterly Market Report

What's new in Memphis for Q4 of 2022

Review #058: Privateer Distiller's Drawer - "Windward"

Andrew Cabot's team chose a used whiskey cask for this single barrel

Review #057: Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum

This high-proof, sugarcane juice rum is a favorite of those living on Grenada

Review #056: Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Gold

Ed Hamilton's cocktail-worthy bottling of Worthy Park rum

Review #055: The Scarlet Ibis

This Trinidad rum was commissioned by New York City-based bar Death & Co.

Review #054: Chairman's Reserve Legacy

Saint Lucian rum makes its debut with a special blend

Review #053: Probitas

The first rum blend produced and blended by Caribbean producers themselves

Review #052: Rhum Barbancourt 8 year

Our first Haitian rum from a well-known producer