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If you have been reading through our club reviews, you may be wondering what kind of system we may be using for evaluating these rums. Without some sort of scale to compare a reviewer's rating to, those would just be numbers on the page.

This scale is not meant to be an all-encompassing system to evaluate every aspect of a release– such as packaging, price, etc, but it is intended to provide a generally standard measurement for the distillate itself. This also refrains from qualifying a rum by its use (for example: "sipper", "tiki-only", etc), so that the reviews do not make assumptions as to how different people may choose to enjoy these rums.

This system will be used in all reviews made by the club, no matter the author of a review.

Ratings Scale

  1. Disgusting: Never drinking that again
  2. Very Bad: I wouldn’t choose to drink
  3. Bad: Several issues
  4. OK: Not bad, but unpolished
  5. Average: Solidly middle of the road
  6. Good: Enjoyable and noteworthy
  7. Very good: Really good, well above average
  8. Incredible: Beautiful, an exceptional dram
  9. Fantastic: A very special distillate
  10. Perfect: Perfect, I’m buying a back-up